Marie Egner 1850-1940


Marie Egner was born 1950 in Radkersburg in Styria. First she studied in Graz in the class of Hermann von Königsbrunn and then she moved to Düsseldorf, where she studied from 1872 until 1875 in the class of Carl Jungheim. Together with her mother Marie Egner moved to Vienna in 1882. She was a student of the landscape painter Emil Jakob Schindler, during the summer she and other artists in the milieu of Schindler worked at the castle Plankenberg in Lower Austria. She travelled through Europe, between 1887 and 1889 she lived in England. Then she had the first success and took part in exhibitions in the Künstlerhaus in Vienna as well as in Germany and England.  After the First World War Marie Egner was a member of the Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen (society of female fine artists) in Austria, who organized an exhibition for her in 1926. From 1930 on she lost her sight more and more and withdrew from the public.

Marie Egner died in 1940 in Vienna.

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